We can design and manufacture any kind of ceramic products; tableware or set, interior decorations, business gifts, jewellery, it’s your choice. The customer defines all the criteria for the product and we design and manufacture the product. Just the way the customer wants! Manufacturing method, materials and coating of the products is always chosen with the customer. The customer has a possibility to be involved in any stages of manufacturing.

Before designing the product, we have to clarify the use of the product and criteria for the materials. Even if the manufacturing method is the same for different kind of products, demands every product thorough orientation to the manufacturing process.

Knowledge of manufacturing methods, materials and how the material behaves is our strength. We develop and test materials and manufacturing methods constantly. Because of our knowledge, experience and work for developing the process we can complete challenging and demanding work requests.

Call for bids, photos-bid- model, mould, example-test casting, 0-serie-possible changes-new model, mould, example-test casting, 0-serie-approval, choosing coating-tool mould-manufacturing, packaging

If you need a manufacturer for one product for the test marketing, bid for business gifts or mass production- please contact! I will make you an offer which is cost-effective and fulfill your every demand.


Suku Park


Our latest production is a tableware, designed by Suku Park and manufactured in Lapinlahti. This tableware contains thin, trendy and colorful porcelain dishes. The customer can choose the classical plain colored collection or a trendy one when the color is different in the inside and outside of the product. The customer can also choose a perforated collection when the light shines beautifully through the product. Product line consists over twenty serving sets and tableware dishes. In our online store you can find all the collections and products.

KIND for dogs

Photo: Katja Lösönen

I have designed a ceramic dog´s food bowl for Kind for Dogs. The collection has bowls in two different sizes and in four colors. The bowls are very trendy and they are easy to fit in your interior. Click in Kind for Dogs´ online store here.

Crea Iloa


We manufacture the ceramic components for the Crea Iloa jewelry. The jewelry collection can be found in Crea Iloa´s online store.



Green House Effect HomeGrow™ PLATE is a plate where you can without electricity grow plants, herbs and flowers. The plate uses nanotechnology to water your plants. You don´t need to worry about the watering, the plant grows without any effort. Click here to see more.



We manufacture the Plastex Kotivalo candle holders designed by Eero Aarnio. Candle holder is reversible, there is a holder for two different kind of candles. We also manufacture The Plastex salt and pepper shakers designed by Eero Aarnio. Here in our online store you can find the Plastex collection.



Kaffika´s Sommelier Cup -porcelain cups are manufactured in Lapinlahti. The collection has three cup models with small plates: Brygg, Cappuccino and Espresso.



The Jewellery Trees in Lumoava´s famous collection designed by Eero Aarnio are manufactured in Lapinlahti. The Jewellery Tree is manufactured in many beautiful colors, get yours here.

Basecamp Oulanka


I have designed the Karhunkynsi tableware for Oulanka Basecamp´s restaurant. The tableware is manufactured in Lapinlahti. Karhunkynsi tableware is available in our online store.